Flux Studio Flux Studio is a transdisciplinary practice engaged in an investigation of the medium of light and its relationship to our perception of space.  This pursuit results in work that spans conventional disciplines of art, design, engineering and research.  We are committed to delivering high quality results that address the ethics and aesthetics of a contemporary design practice while giving careful consideration to the needs of building occupants, property owners, and the broader social context.  Our team is fueled by a passion for light and a commitment to advancing understanding of light’s critical role in society.

We believe each of our projects provides a unique opportunity for the integration of light.  We uncover this potential though careful analysis of the intention of our fellow team members, the visual needs of users, and project constraints.  We understand that great ideas require perseverance and commitment if they are to become great results. 

Above all, we value and strive to realize the full potential of creative cooperation.   Just as human visual perception of light relies on interaction with materials, successful lighting design cannot be achieved without effective collaboration.  We combine an advanced understanding of light that resulted from past experience with openness to new discoveries.  We have developed a range of techniques for communicating lighting issues with the clarity required to support understanding and consensus across the project team.

Our studio process involves rigorous analysis of the technical performance of lighting design solutions.  Throughout the creative process, we study our design proposals using advanced means and methods.  From studies of lighting hardware positioning to advanced point-by-point light level calculations and full scale lighting mock ups, we employ a broad range of predictive tools to validate our ideas.

Flux Studio is a team of talented, multifaceted and capable professionals with experience in architecture, interiors, exhibition design, engineering, and art.  With design and project management staff in Washington DC, Baltimore, and New York City, Flux Studio provides local service for projects in a range of locations.  This coupled with a suite of online collaboration tools, allows our team to react to project needs quickly and effectively.

In addition to his professional activity as owner / founder of Flux Studio, Glenn Shrum PLDA, IALD, IESNA is an active member of the international lighting design and lighting education community. He is past US coordinator of the Professional Lighting Designers' Association and Assistant Professor of Lighting Design in the MFA Lighting Design program at Parsons The New School for Design School of Constructed Environments.

In 2014, Brian McIntyre joined Flux Studio as principal and owner. Trained as an electrical engineer with an emphasis in lighting and architectural design, Brian brings over 17 years of high profile and award winning architectural lighting and daylight design experience to Flux Studio. Brian is a diligent full service lighting designer devoted to an integrated and energy conscientious design approach that creates custom environments for museums, commercial buildings and residences.

Flux Studio is certified with the State of Maryland Small Business Reserve Program.


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