Sprout: An Organic Salon

Sprout: An Organic Salon offers a full range of salon services and products that are of high quality and have minimal impact on the environment. The goals of the lighting design followed three main points 1) reference the daylight condition both day and night, 2) feature architectural materials, and 3) create a solution that embodied the stated goals of sustainability and high design without exceeding the $3.30 / sq. ft. lighting hardware budget.

Located in a mid-block site in Baltimore Maryland, daylight sources in the 17 ft. wide, 60 ft. long space were limited to a north facing storefront and a single south facing window. Diffuse daylight fills the reception area, illuminating the brick pilasters and wood scrim establishing a perforated visual barrier between this space and the salon beyond. Flux Studio scope included design of custom mirrors with integrated shelving/power/lighting, wood scrim made from flooring salvaged from renovated storefront, and vertical light coves.